as with all other business resources. Thanks to this, your security system will work properly and significantly extend the life of key components, and at the same time will allow early detection of wear elements. A great example of wearing parts are accumulators that are subject to a systematic decrease in capacity during use. Batteries are very important elements, because they depend on the efficiency of the system during a power grid failure. The maintenance of security systems should be carried out regularly and also involve cleaning the optical elements of the cameras, adjusting the lenses, testing the efficiency of the disks in the recorders. For access control systems, maintenance should particularly be subject to electro-catchments and other electro-mechanical units. Maintenance in addition to the standard operation control, consists in the adjustment and programming of system components that require it. The Security Resort Group offers a service package tailored to your requirements. If you are unsure about your maintenance requirements, our consultants can check and offer advice on the most appropriate service for your system. It is important to check with the insurance company if routine activities related to maintaining security as part of the policy obligations are required. By using maintenance services, you can minimize the occurrence or completely avoid some of the problems: Undesirable false alarms Failure of alarm systems, access controllers, video recorders including hard drives and processors. Uncontrolled system shutdowns due to power outages (especially dangerous for disks in video recorders) Damage to the environment due to the possibility of leaking the battery and acid evaporation. Avoid fire hazard due to overcharged and overheated batteryOutdated software packages Restrictions on the operation of detectors or cameras due to their soiling The monitoring station bases its operation on efficient receiving, sent by security systems, messages about activation and type of alarm. That is why it is extremely important that during the service inspection every detecting and detecting device has been tested in operation and communication with ACO. If you have a comprehensive security system installed, you may not know that some detecting devices do not work. This is often the case of cameras, especially when a constant preview of their scenes is not performed.