Monitoring station

The Security Resort Group has a professional alarm monitoring station [ ... ]

operating as part of the Emergency Recipient Center. Systems responsible for receiving and processing of alarm signals, as well as those responsible for direct contact with protected objects, are duplicated and in the case of a failure there is no loss of communication with objects. Power supply and telecommunications lines also have their security. Monitoring station operators work on multi-monitor service stations that allow easy, clear and quick access to alarm and visual information about monitored objects. Employees have appropriate qualifications (entry on the list of Qualified Physical Protection Staff) and are subject to constant training in the field of security systems, alarm monitoring and video surveillance systems. The service of monitored objects is subject to procedural actions, excluding any interpretation and spontaneous service. The station cooperates on a daily basis with other Security Agencies in the provision of emergency protection services, carried out by intervention and prevention groups. Thanks to such a solution consisting in the separation of monitoring and emergency protection services, we provide clients with the diversification of services. The customer can decide freely which Security Agency he wants to use, and if he wants to make a change, he can do it in a few minutes, changing the Security provider without changing the monitoring station, and thus the alarm communicator and incurring costs.